Manana Stone Factory handles multiple types of travertine quarried in Armenia. Not counting the quarry travertine-onyx Ararat classic travertine are extracted from our own quarries. Quarry Goravan-1 provides factory with blocks, slabs and tiles of which have characteristic of comparative smoothness of color, porosity and tortuosity of the veins in vein cut.

Travertine quarry Goravan-2 is characterized by variegation of color, contrasting transitions from light to darker, the density of this material is higher compared with travertine of Goravan-1.

Eheknadzor travertine that we offer to market under the name “Zebra” includes bright shades of yellow, brown, white and beige colors. The color of this travertine relates it to a more decorative stone, which is mainly used for interior design or decoration on the facades of buildings.

Travertine Dashtakhar is characterized by light beige tones with gray streaks. This is also considered a decorative travertine, as it has rare blotches of onyx inside and vived colour.


The unusual and luxurious color combination of Marble stone types always captivates designers.
The best example of creating an unusual interior for you are Manana Stone marble stones.
Create unique projects, be unique with our types of stone.


Onyx and travertine-onyx quarry allows to expand the factory’s product rage with four more positions. We offer slabs and tiles, which are sorted according to the content of onyx in the product that changes color and pattern of tile or slab.


Factory processes and offers products from two basalt deposits of Armenia – Aramus and Sisian. Basalt “Yerevan” (Aramus field) has high density and higher specific weight (2700 kg / cu.m.). Basalt is sorted by 2 colors – dark and light, Before polishing it is filled with two-component mastic. Blocks do not provide wide slabs (up to 1500 mm), the maximum length of 2200 mm.

Basalt “Sisian” (Sisian deposit) is more porous, lightweight, abrasion coefficient is higher. We offer two main types of basalt on the market:

BS – uniformly porous basalt gray color with possible lighter shadows.

BSN – denser, but still easy basalt, has two colors – gray and brownish.


Tuffs are only available in tiles with a width of max. 600.

Tuff material that can not be polished (polishing can be done only with filling of epoxy resin, which charge very high for this type of stone, this in turn makes the polished tile rather expensive). We offer the following types of tuff:


Stone Processing Factory “Manana Stone” also offers products of granite of deposits in Ukraine, Spain and India. The company buys blocks and produces granite cut and processing by its own capacity.

The factory has a flexible tactics regarding the purchase of granite blocks and produces following the request of the market and the demand for a particular color of the stone.

Currently in stock we have slabs of following granite types: