First and for a long time, the main workshop in its production focused on modular tiles of all processing types. 5 double disc and 2 multi-disc sawing machines provide a long line of 160 meters with necessary amount of sawn material. The line consists of several key components: trimming, calibration of tile surface, the drying section, then manual filling of material and drying in infrared ovens, further goes the most important polishing stage followed by a cut to size, edge calibration and the last stage – quality control, sorting and packing. Line allows the tile with a maximum width of 600 mm. If the length of tile exceeds 600 mm, the lengthwise edge calibration is not performed.


Workshop 2 is the newest, it was launched in 2012. The main products manufactured here – wide tiles and slabs of travertine, basalt and granite. In the shop there are three gang-saws – 2 for soft stones and one for granite. Line for processing slabs includes calibration and polishing machines, plus handling equipment. The potential performance of sawing equipment in this shop is about 1200 sq. m. per day. The workshop also includes 2 wire saws for blocks, which also allow to cut large thickness slabs and blocks. Combined (for granite and marble) Cemar production line can handle all types of materials, and also gives the ability to calibrate the thickness of slabs.


Workshop 3 produces shaped, decorative products such as balusters, stairs, window sills, countertops, tables, split and chiseled paving. Production facility is equipped with modern edge chamfering and profiling polishing machine, made in Italy (Cemar-GMM), two single head sawing cutters polishing, splitting machines and other equipment for the production of balusters, cornices and mosaics.